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Recreational Training

There’s magic in our energy, our spaces, our people and our discoveries.


Whether just for fun or as a foundation to a professional career in the performing arts, the institution offers a fully packaged programme of enjoyable after school classes for young students aged between 4 and 18. The curriculum covers a variety of classes that provide a broad and versatile skills set, which serves a springboard for the professional training programmes offered at the institution.

The Recreational Training Programme aims to promote self confidence, poise and discipline within the arts whilst ensuring that all technical aspects are taught in an enjoyable and rewarding way.

Creativity & Movement

All children aged 4 – 6

The structure of a classroom environment is introduced and children learn to take simple direction from the teacher. Children gain body awareness and are introduced to group work. Musicality and rhythm are taught through clapping, singing and improvising to music. Basic movement themes such as running, jumping and skipping are explored and creative imagery, mime and props are used to help the children respond to music.

Engage Stream

Level 1 – Beginner

This introductory level programme is for students interested in the study of dance. Classes introduce the fundamental elements that are required to build strong dance technique, the application of correct posture and an ability to use of the body as an instrument of physical expression.

Empower Stream 

Level 2 – Intermediate

This intermediate level programme is designed to expand and intensify the acquired knowledge and skills learnt in the Engage programme or previous training. This is done through exercises that challenge artistic expression, stamina, balance and control.

Inspire Stream 

Level 3 – Advanced

This intensive and advanced level programme is reserved only for students that have exceeded and acquired the skills set within the Engage and Empower programmes. Eligible students may also be those aspiring towards a professional career in dance or training programme.


Ballet is the foundation from which nearly all dance styles have developed from. It is a technically challenging dance style and serves as the grounding for any aspiring dancer. Ballet requires extensive discipline and dedication from each and every student.

This class is for young creative students with a passion to act as well as those wishing to increase their self-confidence and poise. Students learn all types of acting techniques, explore elements of performance through improvisation games and script work, as well as the importance of working as a team within a group or production.

Developed as a rebellion from Classical Ballet, Modern Dance explores artistic expression through energetic movement that responds to various music and rhythms. Students develop a strong and solid technique and emerge as eclectic and expressive modern dancers.

Tap dance is an iconic form of dance, once learnt is never forgotten. By developing a solid tap dance technique, accurate footwork and good agility; this percussive dance style creates striking performances where the sound of the tap shoe is the star of the show.

Boys’ Dance is tailored to develop the virtuosity and confidence required for young male dancers. The class aims to minimise the initial stigma that young boys may feel when they join a dance class and introduces them to a brotherhood of male dancers with whom they don’t feel alone. Through sparking a love for dance, many boys will continue onto the gender mixed classes with added confidence

This class allows students to build on their singing, dancing and acting skills in order to become fully fledged triple threat performers. The focus is on how to unlock imagination, develop performance skills, understand direction, relax and most of all have fun. These classes work towards a full cast professional performance at a local theatre for friends and family.

Our musical instruments and singing technique classes are geared towards training young musicians and vocalists to learn music in a fun and creative way whilst insuring that correct technique, performance quality and artistry are gained in every class.