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About The Institution

Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

Founded in 2020, the Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts is an institute that serves as an effective centre of activity for performing arts education in East London and the greater Eastern Cape region.

The institute is dedicated to offering structured training programmes in a variety of art forms in order to create a safe creative space where students and communities can develop their knowledge of the performing arts under one roof. The Eastern Cape serves as a great source of talent for the South African performing arts industry, however the majority of this talent remains under developed and unemployable due to the lack of skills and resources in the province.

It is through our mission and vision, that we aim to develop communities and create a performing arts institution that produces highly skilled artists with a strong support base from the community. Programmes are designed and set to the trends, demands and standards of the South African and international performing arts industries and aim to enhance the employment prospects towards a future in various performing arts related industries.

Together with our faculty, guest teachers and values on the forefront, students will emerge and graduate from our institution as multifaceted 21st century artists.


Our mission is to serve as an institute that nurtures talent and is dedicated to the further development of communities and the performing arts through excellence in arts education and skills development, live performances, the promotion of health, fitness and job creation.


Engage | Empower | Inspire


  • Aspire towards EXCELLENCE through dedication and hard work
  • Encourage VERSATILITY
  • Value and celebrate INDIVIDUALITY and DIVERSITY
  • NURTURE and DEVELOP artistic talent
  • Develop RESILIENCE and EMPLOYABILITY in our students

Accreditation Of Our Programmes

Our programmes offer Internationally Accredited Diploma’s and Certificates which work on graded levels from Grade 1 to Grade 8/Advanced 2 depending on the artform. These diplomas and certificates are accredited by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and Trinity College London.

  • Level 1 (Grade 1-3)
  • Level 2 (Grade 4 – 5)
  • Level 3 (Grade 6 – 8 & Intermediate)
  • Level 4 (Advanced 1) and Level 4 Diploma (Advanced 2)
  • We also offer ATCL and LTCL Trinity College diplomas which are at SAQA NQF level 6 and 7

These qualifications are on the credit framework within the OFQUAL accreditation organisation in Europe. These qualifications are recognised and accepted by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), however, are not registered with SAQA as the are international qualifications.



students of all backgrounds and levels from beginner to professional by providing structured skills development training programmes within the performing arts.


students through programmes that are aligned to the requirements, standards and the current trends of the South African and international performing arts industries.


and build self confidence, poise and discipline whilst promoting health and fitness within all students enrolled at the institution’s recreational, outreach and professional training programmes



artistic expression through the study of various art forms and techniques in order to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in the performing arts.


as a social entertainment environment that encompasses all cultures, ages, disabilities, heritage and backgrounds for the development of arts and culture.


students and communities through the creation of live performances, training programmes and entertainment that is educational, original, diverse and aligned to our values.


regular internal development opportunities for all faculty and staff for the further development of students and programmes.



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