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Professional Certificate in Drama

Performance, Composition & Education

The Professional Certificate in Drama is designed to focus on the fine art of acting and offers an intensive study in performance, composition and the education of drama. The programme is aimed to develop a strong skills set and offers training in acting for stage, film and television. Students will develop through specialised classes in learning the principles and practices of writing, directing, entrepreneurship, producing and teaching. The programme also provides students with numerous performance experience opportunities which serve as the perfect springboard for the competitive demands of the performing arts industry.


The purpose of this programme is to provide high quality level training in vocal performance, music studies, composition, arrangement, African music and music education. This ensures that strong professional insight and personal enrichment is achieved within each graduate. The prescribed curriculum is set to the standards of the South African and international industries, and is combined with complimentary skills that graduates can use to enhance their employment prospects towards a future in music.


Students graduating from this programme acquire an understanding of drama in a variety of contexts.

  • As performers; the actor is developed as an instrument of expression through various techniques, performance principles and the stylistic features of characters, and situations.
  • As writers and directors; the skills to conceptualise and create performances that are
    developed through the use of effective presentation skills, techniques and technologies that exhibit an understanding of dramatic and expressive principles.
  • As drama and acting educators; the ability to apply dramatic pedagogical content and knowledge is acquired and also implemented to the planning, teaching and assessment

Through these obtained skills, graduates will emerge as critical thinkers and multifaceted 21st century artists with an ability to make a positive impact in various music related industries and their communities.


Listed below are the core subjects and modules within the set curriculum. Students are assessed twice within each academic year.

Admission Requirements

  • A successful performance in an audition
  • A completed Audition Application Form


The curriculum for the programme extends over three years of full time study.

Age Limits

The minimum age limit upon entry is 17. No maximum age limit is set.

Programme Intake

35 students

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