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The institution strongly believes in the use of the performing arts as a way of developing less privileged communities. The institution has chosen to give back to these communities through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Outreach Programme as a platform to educate, develop and make a change.

The Outreach Programme offers classes in singing, dancing and acting to students from less privileged communities every Saturday free of charge. The aim of the programme is to educate and develop performing arts skills within communities, scout for raw talent, and groom prospective students into the institution and its programmes.

Classes are taught by faculty members, guest teachers and volunteers from the greater East London community.

People Living with Disabilities

All dance training programmes within the institution are promoted and offered to all people living with special needs or disabilities. Students with special needs and disabilities together with all students within the institution are evaluated on a case by case basis in order to assess their individual capabilities. The main aim is to focus on the possibilities of what a student CAN do as opposed to what they cannot do.

Without any form of isolation or exclusion, all programmes are aimed to create a sense of inclusion and equality between teachers and all students. The training programmes offered at the institution strive to erase the initial stigma of disability and it is through this that all students students will be able to explore the endless possibilities within the performing arts and its related industries.