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Ntombi Kayise Mhlambi

Head of Drama

Ntombi Kayise Mhlambi hails from a township called Evaton, which is where she believes the real and the non-real have always bled into each other. In an early childhood incident where she had consumed sullied water, her brother told her she was going to die. She believed it. She then took a plastic chair (which most recently, her brother has reminded her that the chair was red) and spent the rest of the afternoon outside – waiting to die. Her mother, arriving from work found her seated outside, and upon hearing the story pleaded with death to leave her daughter alone. And it did. Ntombi entered the house and has since been creating. This childhood episode marks her passion for stories and believing in them.

Ntombi currently holds a BA Degree in Dramatic Arts from Wits University and MA Degree in Creative Writing from Rhodes University in Makhanda. She was the recipient of the Andrew Mellon Writers Fellowship in 2017. After completing her Masters Degree, she returned to Wits University to teach a Theatre Making course (Adaptation) in the Theatre and Performance Department from 2018 – 2020 as well as an English & Critical Thinking course with the School of Mining Engineering in 2019. During this time, she momentarily joined The Bomb Shelter Production as a Junior Script-Editor and the Wits Writing Centre as a Writing Fellow/Consultant. She subsequently facilitated Film, Animation and Audio classes at the SAE Institute in 2019.

Her short stories have appeared in The Account Magazine, OJAL Art Journal, Literally Stories and Odd Magazine among others. Her writing so far, demonstrates her obsession with metaphor (at an imagistic and linguistic level), fantasy, folklore, history and translation/adaptation which was drawn from her maternal inheritance.