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Mihlali Dlova


Mihlali recently joined the institution to take up the role of the administrator. Born and raised in Mdantsane the hub of hustle, grind and creativity, a space where the arts and the extraordinary meet. Mihlali’s outlook on life has been driven and informed by the complexities and unlimited possibilities presented by the space of her upbringing. The spectacularity of the space along with her father’s musical background and artistry groomed and nurtured her own love and passion for the arts. Constantly surrounded by music and storytelling in her childhood she always relished in creative spaces presented by the many facets of the arts for they presented to her a repository of histories and memories long forgotten. Her fascination with the arts was in how a song, a poem or a novel for example could easily become a window to an unknown and inaccessible world, space and time where in a few lines or pages new perspectives and possibilities could be imagined. Although never having considered herself much of a creative, the nurtured passion from her childhood grew into an inescapable need for existing in creative and artistic spaces.

She went on to pursue her studies at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth and after her first year doing a Bcom degree decided to consider changing to a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Communications and Culture, a path that would lead her to rediscovering passions nearly forgotten and neglected. She recently completed her postgraduate degree earning her Honours in English cum laude earlier this year.

While pursuing her Media, Communications & Culture degree at Nelson Mandela University, she had an opportunity to develop her passion for history and literature, acquiring other passions along the way in copywriting, advertising and public relations and as such, her stubborn optimism was tested and came to the fore. She was involved in several successful projects during her university career, including, the role of copywriter and assistant editor for an advertising campaign for a local beer sold at Bridge Street Breweries in Port Elizabeth. She additionally became a team leader, social media manager and copywriter for a Public Relations project with a Port Elizabeth based NGO called Flowers for Africa: Art2Uplift where her and her team worked with the organisation for a year assisting them in their planning and strategies for the year including building media relations, fundraising efforts, events planning, art exhibitions and workshops as well as administrative duties. Apart from this, she has worked as a financial consultant at Old Mutual Finance where her problem solving, critical and strategic thinking was constantly tested.

A self-started and independent thinker with a knack for storytelling and exuberance for the industry, she is constantly looking for ways to refine and develop her creative abilities.