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Application Form – Recreational Training

Recreational Training Programme
Registration Details


Confirm Mother / Guardian Number

Previous Training Experience

Please state your experience within ALL artforms if any. Include names of studios, genres, teachers, special skills and instruments.

Parents are encouraged to disclose any disability (eg. physical, sensory or mental health) at the
earliest opportunity so that we can endeavour to meet the students needs during the placement
process and in the programme.

Has your child sustained any major physical injuries within the last five years?

Auditions & Class Placement

Once an online registration has been completed, students are invited to take part in a placement class in order for our faculty to assess their current ability in the various artforms. Nothing needs to be prepared by the student. Placement is based ONLY on ability and as the stream levels increase, it is more difficult to move up. Students are not expected to move up each year. Most students are likely to be in one stream for several years as it takes longer to learn new movements and master the necessary artistic interpretation, technique and skills.